Driver Dispatch (Driver Console)


This is the driver dispatch console that is used by delivery drivers to help them manage delivery orders and check them out for delivery as well as verify that orders were delivered and what amount of money was received for each order that a driver received payment for.

Basic Process

  1. Delivery Driver logs into station using either a magnetic card or an ID & Password
  2. Pending Deliveries will be presented in the list
  3. Driver places a check next to the orders that he will be delivering
  4. Driver clicks the "Check Out" button to finish checking out his orders
  5. Driver takes the orders to their destinations and collects any money needed
  6. Driver logs into station upon return from delivery
  7. Driver's current delivery orders are shown in the list. All are already checked
  8. Driver unchecks any orders that he was unable to deliver
  9. Driver clicks the "Check In" button
  10. System prompts for payment on any unpaid orders (one at a time)
  11. When all orders are resolved, the list refreshes and now shows Pending Deliveries
  12. Driver repeats the process starting at step 3 above

Check Orders Out

Check Orders In