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POS Pizza is a low cost Pizza POS (point of sale system) designed for Pizza shops and sandwich shops. This software is very easy to learn and to teach to your employees. The point of sale system is designed for delivery, carry-out or dine-in type restaurant businesses. Full support for half and half toppings, caller ID, touch screen monitors, online ordering, driver dispatch (pizza delivery software), make lines, and more. A fully functional free version of POS Pizza is also available without the need to register the software in any way. Just download it and begin using it absolutely free!

POS Pizza is a "Software Only" package that supports Windows XP, and newer. This system is optimized for Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 users, and was designed around the newer versions of Windows. If you need Point of Sale system hardware that works well with POS Pizza, try the link below.


The most common hardware used by our customers is:
  • Epson TM88 Thermal receipt printer with auto-cutter (Ethernet or USB)
  • Epson TM-U220 Dot Matrix 2-Color receipt printer (Ethernet or USB)
  • MMF Cash Drawer with Epson Printer Interface for one of the printers above
  • MS Cash Drawer with Epson Printer Interface for one of the printers above
  • Generic Cash Drawer with USB interface that does serial port emulation.
  • MagTek 2 or 3 Track USB Card Reader w/Keyboard Wedge mode support
  • ELO Touch touch screen
  • DYMO LabelWriter or Cognitive Blaster or Del Sol label printer

Buy POS Pizza Now
"When you purchase POS Pizza's base package, you get a single order-entry station license, management, driver dispatch, and make-lines, all for only $499 US. Additional order entry station licenses can be added on for only $189 each and can be added on at any time. No monthly or recurring fees ever."

Main POS Module

Main Order Entry

Premium POS Module

Premium POS Module

Quick-Add Module

Dine-In Module

Key Features of our pizza delivery pos systems

POS Pizza has the following key features:
  • Very Affordable - One of the most affordable full-featured POS systems available
  • Free Version that is extremely useable (not crippled) but does not offer all of the extras of the full version.
  • Premium POS Module for those who want to fully customize their POS work flow
  • Free 3-Hour Telephone Tech support block with full version purchase (On average most people only use 1.5 hours for initial setup and configuration)
  • Free Web and Email Support
  • Extremely easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach your employees
  • Very Reliable, POS Pizza has been around for over 20 years and is a solid running product
  • Tablet ready – Runs good on windows tablet computers running full versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 (Windows RT, Mobile or ARM not supported)
  • Easily handles Dine-In, Cary-Out, and Delivery Type Orders
  • Calculated Delivery Fees based on area
  • Fixed Delivery Fees can be set per customer
  • Blocked Delivery based on area
  • Minimum Order Amount For Delivery
  • Waived Delivery Fees if order subtotal is greater than set amount
  • Alternate delivery address and delivery directions stored with each customer, in addition to primary address delivery directions
  • Printed routing instructions for delivery runs
  • Mapping (online maps) for delivery directions
  • Optional address verification service
  • Suggest additional items based on current order items (upsell)
  • Support for ½ & ½ and double toppings
  • Choice between 2 different styles of modify item / set modifiers screens
  • Specials, Flexible Pricing Schemes and Menu Groups
  • Restrict Menu Items by time of day or day of week
  • Unlimited Toppings per Item
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Menu Item Categories
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Magnetic Card Log-in and Time Clock Access
  • Virtually Endless User Security Settings for Each Employee / System User
  • Employee messaging with optional forced agreement before logging in or clocking in
  • Security Event Logging
  • True Client/Server Architecture on Multi-User version allowing access over the Internet
  • Remotely Access Multiple Sites without the use of 3rd Party Software or Services (CS Version and Internet access Required)
  • Integrated PA-DSS Compliant Credit Card Processing with available EMV support
  • Integrated Gift Card Processing
  • Fully Internal Gift Card Processing without using a credit card processor saves money (external processor may also be used)
  • Two user configurable payment types, for additional payment options
  • Open API for building your own custom card integration
  • Surcharges on Credit Cards or Cash Discounts
  • Optional minimum subtotal amount for various payment types
  • Easily enforce PCI Compliant password restrictions globally or individually
  • Automatic Gratuity for certain type(s) of orders over a certain subtotal amount
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Global Discounts / Comp based on cashier user level
  • Per Customer Discounts
  • Per Customer Discount Locking
  • Customer Accounts/Tabs for in-house customer accounting
  • Customer Credits
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Fast Customer Lookup's
  • Full Customer Order History Recall and Duplicate Previous Order
  • Time-Delayed Future Orders
  • Online Ordering
  • Split Orders Multiple Ways into separate checks
  • Age Verification for certain Items when sold (Optional Drivers License Scanning in regions that support standard magnetic stripes on licenses)
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Box Label Printing
  • Make Line Screens
  • Fully configurable customer receipts
  • Print or Email customer receipts
  • Suggested Gratuity amounts on customer receipts
  • Flexible Printing Layouts
  • Multiple Sales Tax Layouts will support various types of taxes including Canadian PST/GST system
  • Flexible Currency setup
  • Rounding to 1's or 5's
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Customer Poll Display Support
  • Cash Drawer Support
  • Mag Card Reader Support
  • Multiple Database Support (eg. Training, Regular)
  • Delivery Driver Dispatch Console
  • Dine-In Module (for table service)
  • Real-Time Profit monitoring meter that can run anywhere, even from home across the internet
  • Over 70 Different Reports and Report Variations
  • Text messages (or emails) to managers for hourly sales, clock-in, clock-out, or bad password attempt on manager account
  • Text messages to customers (who opt in) when their delivery orders leave the store
  • More...

Hardware Requirements

  • Atom 570 single core
  • RAM: 4GB / 8GB recommended on server station
  • *Windows XP SP2 (Windows 8.1 or higher recommended)
  • SVGA 800x600 (Higher Res Recommended)
  • Network Interface (Wired or WiFi) (for CS Version)
*Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 have all been discontinued, so you should not be using these versions in your place of business. This is especially true if you are connected to the internet, and/or processing credit cards on site.

  • Intel® CoreTM 2.0 GHz or equivalent w/Windows 8.1 Professional or newer (32-Bit or 64-Bit)(4 GB RAM+ / 8GB recommended on server station)
  • GB Wired Ethernet (If running CS Version)

POS Pizza is very efficient and has a very low overhead, so it runs extremely fast on most hardware. You should have at least the recommended minimum amount of RAM that your version of Windows requires in order to have POS Pizza run properly.

POS Pizza needs less than 50 Megabytes of Hard Disk space for a full install, but as you use the system the needed space requirement will grow. This is hardly an issue with todays systems. Since POS Pizza's overhead is very low, you will find that it is rock solid and performs very well on most small to mid-sized systems as well as on larger systems. The nice thing is that POS Pizza does not demand large amounts of hardware in order for it to operate, and runs very well on minimal hardware and even tablet PCs.

Tablets running full versions of Windows 7, 8, or 10 are supported by POS Pizza. Tablets running other OSs are not directly supported, but can be made to work in some instances.

If you are running a multi-user system the one computer that should have some extra horse-power would be the one that is running the server portion. More speed, and more RAM are always helpful on your server computer.


Additional Hardware

With POS Pizza that's the nice thing... There are no special hardware requirements so to speak. Think of them more as options. With POS Pizza you have lots of flexibility as to what size of POS system you want to install. You can start out with everything, or start small and build up as you need to. POS Pizza will support any standard printer for receipts such as an InkJet, Laser, or Dot Matrix. If you have a printer attached to your Windows computer right now, odds are it will work with POS Pizza. You also have the option of using POS Printers as well, such as the Epson TM-U220, or the thermal TM-88 series. When printing to a standard printer you can choose to print to 8½ X 11 size pages or 5½ X 8½ size pages. The POS Printers print to continuous rolls of paper. You can also choose not to print at all, or only to print at certain stations. POS Pizza is extremely configurable and very scalable. Other optional components would include Electronic Cash Drawers, Touch-Screen Monitors, Mag Card Readers, Label Printers, Customer Displays and a Caller ID Unit. When operating in Touch-Screen Mode no keyboard is needed since POS Pizza has an On-Screen Virtual Keyboard where data entry is required. Box Labels can be printed on a standard continuous feed printer, a Cognitive Label Printer or a DYMO LabelWriter series Label Printer.



POS Pizza [CS] is a full client/server package that includes a TCP/IP database server and the client package. The server gets installed on one machine, and the client package gets installed on machines that you want to run the various parts of the software from. You can even install the server and the client on the same machine. The server is very light-weight, and does not need to be run on a dedicated computer, or a "server" version of Windows. The server is compatible with all versions of Windows (XP or higher). Setting up the server is a fairly easy process, and the client packages can all auto-detect the server making setup even easier yet!

If you are running a single station, then you don't even need to worry about setting up a server since POS Pizza also gives you a full stand alone version [SA]. When you purchase the software, you get access to both the CS and the SA versions, so which one you decide to run is entirely up to you (you can only run 1 or the other at a time). Even if you start out on the stand alone version, and then down the road switch over as you grow, there are no added costs (unless you add additional order-entry station counts to your license).


Make-Line Stations

POS Pizza gives you the option of splitting your order items up into 4 separate areas. Multiple make-line screens can service each of these 4 areas. Each one of these can be assigned to a different food or kitchen area, so the workers in that area only see items that pertain to their specific area. Lines can be serviced by Screens, Label Printers (Box or Bag Labels), or Receipt (slip) printers, in any combination. You can even set it up so that when an item is completed in one area that it is bounced to a new area for further handling.


Inventory Management

POS Pizza tracks the toppings, components, and whole items that are sold on every transaction. This data is stored in your current database and can later be retrieved or searched for reporting purposes. You can use the inventory system to get detailed, or you can just use it for general reporting, or not at all. The choice is entirely yours. If you use full inventory tracking, all of the component item amounts are tracked by the system as they are used in the making of items that you will sell using the system. You can use the provided tools to add to your inventory or to do a physical count. There are various reports for the inventory items including a report for items/components that are running low, and need to be re-ordered.


Customer Management

POS Pizza makes keeping track of your customers easy. Did a customer write you a bad check? No problem, mark that customer and they will not be able to pay by check again. Look up customers by name, street, customer ID, or phone number. View their order history, or even import an old order as a new order. View their total number of orders, total $$$ spent and more. Generate customer reports, such as customer mailing labels, marketing, and Top 20 customer reports by total spent, or by total orders and more. Give credits to customers or allow customers to run tabs or have in-house accounts.


Customer Loyalty

POS Pizza uses an internal "Points" tracking system to give you a lot of flexibility in setting up a customer loyatly or rewards program. You can decide if (and which) items purchased will give the customer points, as well as sell items for X number of points (if the customer has the points available). This is very flexible since the points can be setup on any items that you choose and can have any value or meaning that you choose.


Employees / Users

POS Pizza also helps you track your employees. The database keeps track of general employee information as well as tracks hours, mileage, cost, delivery payment methods and more. Each employee is assigned their own log on ID & Password, and can also use a magnetic card for logins. You can control what each employee can do, where they can log in, and what features that they have access to, once they get there. The security system used by POS Pizza is extensive (but easy to use), and gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up system users depending on what their role is in your business. You can also view delivery driver reports, and employee payroll reports, as well as export payroll data to a CSV file that can be imported by payroll software or uploaded to payroll services.


Driver Dispatch

POS Pizza also gives you a Driver Dispatch module or Driver Console that will help drivers manage delivery orders. Drivers log in to this station, pick up orders, deliver them, and then finally check orders back in as delivered. You can run multiple driver's stations if needed.


Dine-In Module

The Dine-In Module allows you to manage wait staff, tables, sections, and reservation scheduling in your full service sit-down restaurant. The Main POS Module has support for Dine-In orders, but is not quite as suited for use in a full service dining facility as the Dine-In Module is. With the Dine-In Module your wait staff can easily manage all of their tables and orders all from one screen.

Summit's Dine-In Module for POS Pizza has the following key features:
  • Integrates seamlessly with the rest of the POS Pizza system.
  • Database supports unlimited sections and tables.
  • Easily close entire sections or individual tables.
  • Setup sections that automatically close at certain times of the day.
  • Create guest reservations for tables or sections using an easy wizard-style interface for any time or date in the future.
  • Wait staff can easily transfer their tables to other wait staff when they go on a break.
  • Add unlimited Items to a table ticket.
  • Support for ½ & ½ and double toppings.
  • Send all added items to the make-lines or kitchen printers at one time.
  • Send new items to the make-lines as they are added to an existing guest ticket.
  • Uses standard POS Pizza inventory Items, Non-Inventory Items, and Groups.
  • Minimal data entry for on-screen keyboard, very few places use this keyboard, and most places are button-based.
  • Tickets may be settled at this module or at the Main POS Station to be paid at the front counter.
  • Tables Stats Report shows number of uses, use time average, check amount average for all tables in your database.


POS Pizza can generate lots of different reports about your inventory, customers, employees, gift cards, and tracking reports that can track order edits, and many other things that go on. Some of these were mentioned above but the number of reporting options is very flexible with POS Pizza. Most reports can be filtered so you get only the data you want to see. Set Date Ranges, and searches by specific products, and more. There are also reports for your least popular products as well as best sellers, top XX products, Profits, Delivery Times, Drawer Closeouts, and more. To see some of these reports download POS Pizza [LT] and install the sample data. If you have added on the Enhanced Caller ID, you will also have full reporting of inbound calls, outbound calls, and call statistics which are very useful for helping you determine your telephone line usage. All reports can be saved as Stand-Alone Executable Program Files. What this means is that you can save certain reports and take them home and easily view or print them again without even having POS Pizza installed on the other computer!


Which Version is for me?

POS Pizza is available in 3 different versions. The [CS] Version is the Full Client/Server (multi-station) version, the [SA] is the Full stand-alone (single-station) version, and the [LT] is the Free version of the software (also single-station). The Full versions require a license (you can use either with a valid license), and the Free version is completely Free to use as long as you want.

Below is a table showing some of the differences in the different versions.

Feature / Version [CS] Full [SA] Full [LT] Free
Number of Databases 8 per server entry 8 1
Item Categories Unlimited Unlimited 5
Inventory Items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Toppings/Mods per Item Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Gift Cards Internal or External Internal or External External
Credit / Debit Card Integration Yes Yes Yes
Text Messages to Managers and Customers Yes No No
Online Ordering Yes No No
Full Customer Receipt Customization Yes Yes No
Ability to Email Customer Receipts Yes Yes Yes
Caller ID Support Yes Yes Yes
Customer Loyalty Yes Yes Yes
Fixed Per Customer Discounts Yes Yes No
Global Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Mag-Card Logins & Time-Clock Yes Yes Yes
Make-Line Printing slips & lables slips slips
Make-Line Screens Yes No No
Address Verification Service Yes Yes No
Driver Dispatch Console Yes No No
Best Delivery Route between multiple addresses based on current traffic Yes No No
Dine-In Module Yes No No
Quick-Order Module Yes Yes No
Premium POS Module Yes Yes No
Standard Order-Entry (Main POS) Module Yes Yes Yes
Item Groups Yes Yes No
Item Suggestions (Upsell) Yes Yes No
Enhanced Item Pricing Schemes Yes Yes No
Menu Item Time-Of-Day / Day-Of-Week Restriction Yes Yes No
Age Verification Yes Yes No
Remote Access Yes Requires 3rd Party Service Requires 3rd Party Service
Multi-Site Remote Management Yes No No
Delayed (Future) Order Handling Yes Yes No
Maximum # of Order-Taking Stations 16 1 1

Get it Now For Free!

You can download POS Pizza [LT] right now and use it free of charge. Doesn't have the features you need? Well download it anyway and try it out, since it still has all of the core features of the Full versions of POS Pizza. If you decide that this version will meet your needs...GREAT! We hope that you enjoy it and that it helps your business grow. To Download POS Pizza [LT] click here!

For more information on POS Pizza [LT] visit it's main website here.


Full Version Pricing

POS Pizza's base package starts at $499 U.S. and includes a single order station license that can be used for order-entry/cashout/register station. You can choose to use either the [SA] or [CS] version of the package depending upon your needs, and change versions at any time that you choose. Additional order entry licenses can be added at any time for only $189 each. Note: Upgrade pricing is available if your current version is 4.x, 5.x or 6.x. Please call or email us for upgrade pricing.

More than 1 Order entry station requires a node license for each extra station. The base package includes 1. Additional modules like on-line ordering and the Dine-In module also utilize an order-entry license.

Other Add-Ons:
  • Basic Caller-ID Add-On — Free
  • Enhanced Caller-ID Add-On with Call Logging and Reporting — $49 US
  • Premium POS Module (Requires Base License) — $179 US
  • Software *Updates within the same major version — Free
  • 3-Hour Telephone Tech support block (first one is free w/Full Version Base Package Purchase) — $129 US
  • *Generic PAX S300 Credit Card Integration for use with any processor who is not already included on our downloads page and who supports the PAX S300 $199 US Annually
* Generic PAX S300 only required for processors who are not listed on our downloads page. An open API is also available for customers who want to develop their own payment processor integration.

POS Pizza is an active project for Summit Computer Networks, and we are constantly improving the product and releasing add-ons for it. Visit our downloads page for a complete list of available add-ons.

*A software update is within the same major version (6.x to 6.y), a change in major version (6.x to 7.y) is an ugrade, not an update.


Purchasing POS Pizza

To purchase POS Pizza visit our online store by clicking here

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Technical Support Policy

Telephone based technical support is available for purchase in 3-Hour blocks that can be used for support of POS Pizza. When you initially purchase POS Pizza's base package you will receive one 3-Hour block of support time free with your purchase. Support time is billed by the minute, and does not expire. Use some now, and your remaining minutes can be used at any point in the future. Purchases of Node count upgrades are not eligable for any free hours of tech support. Purchases of upgrades to the POS system will receive 1 free hour with the purchase. An upgrade is a paid upgrade, and does not include free updates.

What is Not Covered:
Our technical support does NOT cover any issues that are not directly controlled by settings within our software package. Any issues that require modifying the Windows Registry, Control Panel, Security Settings, Network Settings, or any other "Windows" (or OS) settings are NOT covered by us! System BIOS and/or hardware settings, Network Adapter Settings, Printer Settings, Printer Driver Settings, Printer dip switch settings, or any other setting that is not controlled from within the POS Pizza software is NOT covered by our technical support. We do not cover any HARDWARE issues whatsoever.

What *IS* Covered:
Our technical support will cover any and all issues that can be resolved by changing a setting inside of the POS Pizza program. This includes setting up menus, employees, customers, printing, cash drawers, poll displays, make stations, and other devices from within the POS Pizza software. Any hardware that is going to be used with the system must be properly configured at the hardware level prior to attempting to make it work with POS Pizza. In other words, any cabling, drivers, and driver settings should be setup and the device tested prior to contacting Summit's Technical Support.

Technical support will also provide information on recommended hardware for use with POS Pizza as well as other pre-sales questions free of charge.

Technical Support Time Blocks:
Telephone Technical Support Blocks can be purchased at the price of $105 U.S. for a 3-Hour block of time. These hours can then be used in accordance with the information above for support of the POS Pizza software. Technical Support Time Blocks are non-transferrable, the support hours may only be used by the original purchaser of the time blocks. Free Time Blocks are also not transferrable, and may only be used by the original holder of the free hours.

Other Support Methods:
Summit Computer Networks still offers FREE technical support via the support forums and by email. Please note that some issues may not be resolvable by these means and will need to be resolved by telephone. Issues will not be resolved by very lengthy email's or posts on the forums if they are very involved and are something that should be handled by telephone. Many issues have already been solved for and by other users on the Support Forums, so please search there first or look in the supplied documentation for POS Pizza.


Hardware Dongles (License)

POS Pizza's Full versions require that a hardware dongle be attached to the USB port on the server (for CS version), or the PC running the software (SA version). Once you receive your dongle, you will need to "activate" it with us. Once a dongle is received or activated (activation requested), IT WILL NOT BE REPLACED WITHOUT FIRST SENDING BACK THE ORIGINAL. What this means is that if you lose your dongle, you lost your license and will need to purchase another one at full price, sorry but we cannot make any exceptions. Defective dongles will be replaced free of charge. Damaged dongles will be replaced for a small fee along with the damaged dongle being returned to Summit Computer Networks. *It is recommended to add this software to your business insurance policy to protect against lost or stolen hardware dongles. You should also keep your server out of the main area where employees are so that the dongle cannot be removed by an employee.


Refund/Return Policy

You can return POS Pizza (base package) for a **full refund if done within 30 days of your original purchase date. Add-on purchases are "as-is" unless they fall within the 30 day mark of the base license purchase date, where they may be returned with the entire package for a refund. To do a return the ORIGINAL dongle must be returned to us and verified by our support department before the refund can be processed. Once this is done a refund will be issued to the original purchaser of the software. It is also recommended to fully evaluate the LT version of the software to find out if it will meet your needs before purchasing the full version software. ** Any support hours used after the purchase period will be deducted from the refund amount.