Premium POS Module


The Premium POS Module for POS Pizza gives operators full control over their desired POS experience. You design the workflow. You design the user interface. You decide what features are available. You can set the size, shape, function, wording, font, colors, icon, position and more for each button that you create on a page. Each page can hold up to 49 buttons, and you have 255 button pages to work with. There are over 40 individual functions that can be assigned to buttons as you design your system. A full list of these functions can be found below, but buttons can do all kinds of tasks from showing reports, printing receipts, opening the cash drawer, adding menu items, and navigating to other pages of buttons.

Premium POS Module
Premium POS Module
Premium POS Module
Premium POS Module

You decide the main screen colors, the price indicator colors, the order slip (upper right) colors, and the button area colors, as well as choose a set of fonts for each design. You can have multiple layouts for various machines in your store. You can have one setup for phone answering stations, another for the front counter stations, and yet another for the bar. Templates are easy to manage and copy between stations and even between stores when you use our free Premium POS Profile Tool found in our support forums.

You can decide how you want your workflow to operate. Do you want to ask the order type first (take-out, delivery)? For adding items, you can decide the steps needed. Specials could be 1 click if they are on your home screen. You can put other items 2 clicks away by creating a category button which goes to a new page of buttons containing items in that category. Maybe you want to ask for a size or even a crust type along the way. You have full control over the workflow, so you can design a system that best meets your needs.

Configurable Button Area

Fixed Button Area

The Premium POS Module is an add-on package which gives you expanded capability over the standard "Main POS Module". The Premium POS Module can be added on to any POS Pizza v7 SA or CS license for only $179 additional. The Premium POS Module requires a node license in order to run, just like the standard POS module. This module replaces the standard module, so once it has been configured, there would be no need to run both.


Key Features

POS Pizza's Premium Module has the following key features:
  • Very Affordable - One of the most affordable full-featured POS systems available
  • Fully customizable configurations to meet your individual needs
  • Fast and easy to learn
  • Easily handles Dine-In, Cary-Out, and Delivery Type Orders
  • Calculated Delivery Fees based on area
  • Fixed Delivery Fees can be set per customer
  • Blocked Delivery based on area
  • Minimum Order Amount For Delivery
  • Waived Delivery Fees if order subtotal is greater than set amount
  • Mapping (online maps) for delivery directions
  • Printed routing instructions for delivery runs
  • Optional address verification service
  • Suggest additional items based on current order items (upsell)
  • Support for ½ & ½ and double toppings
  • Enhanced Grahpical modifiers / modify item screen with topping icons
  • Specials, Flexible Pricing Schemes and Menu Groups
  • Restrict Menu Items by time of day or day of week
  • Unlimited Toppings per Item
  • Unlimited Items
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Magnetic Card Log-in and Time Clock Access
  • Virtually Endless User Security Settings for Each Employee / System User
  • Employee messaging with optional forced agreement before logging in or clocking in
  • Security Event Logging
  • True Client/Server Architecture on Multi-User version allowing access from across the Internet
  • Remotely Access Multiple Sites without the use of 3rd Party Software or Services (CS Version and Internet access Required)
  • Integrated PA-DSS Compliant Credit Card Processing with available EMV support
  • Integrated Gift Card Processing
  • Fully Internal Gift Card Processing without using a credit card processor saves money (external processor may also be used)
  • Two user configurable payment types, for additional payment options
  • Open API for building your own custom card integration
  • Surcharges on Credit Cards or Cash Discounts
  • Optional mimimum subtotal amount for various payment types
  • Easily enforce PCI Compliant password restrictions globally or individually
  • Autmatic Gratuity for certain type(s) of orders over a certain subtotal amount
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Per Customer Discounts
  • Per Customer Discount Locking
  • Customer Accounts/Tabs for in-house customer accounting
  • Customer Credits
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Fast Customer Lookups
  • Full Customer Order History Recall and Duplicate Previous Order
  • Time-Delayed Future Orders
  • Split Orders Multiple Ways into separate checks
  • Age Verification for certain Items when sold (Optional Drivers License Scanning in regions that support standard magnetic stripes on licenses)
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Box Label Printing
  • Make Line Screens
  • Fully configurable customer receipts
  • Suggested Gratuity amounts on customer recipts
  • Flexible Printing Layouts
  • Multiple Sales Tax Layouts will support various types of taxes including Canadian PST/GST system
  • Flexible Currency setup
  • Rounding to 1s or 5s
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Customer Poll Display Support
  • Cash Drawer Support
  • Mag Card Reader Support
  • Multiple Database Support (eg. Training, Regular)
  • Global Discounts / Comp based on cashier user level
  • Plus all other features available to POS Pizza

Hardware Requirements

  • Atom 570 single core
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional or newer
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Network Interface (Wired or WiFi) (for CS Version)
  • Intel® CoreTM 2.0 GHz or equivalent w/Windows 7 Professional or newer (32-Bit or 64-Bit)(4 GB RAM+ / 8GB recommended on server station)
  • GB Wired Ethernet (If running CS Version)


Assignable Button Functions

Label mode: Flat Labels don't do anything and are only used to label your pages or sections
Label mode: Sunken Label with 3D sunken appearance
Label mode: Raised Label that looks like a button. Note: Fonts on labels add a 3D look so they look a little thicker and like they're stamped into the label surface.
Go to page When clicked, another button page is loaded. Most other functions can also set a page to go to after their function has been performed. This is especially handy when adding items to return you to the main page showing the list of categories etc.
Add Item to order Adds a specific inventory item to the order. Item, quantity, and edit locking are configurable with each button using this function.
Add Group to order (fixed) Adds a pre-selected group (or special) to the order. The group is assigned to the button when this function is selected.
Add Group to order(from list) Adds a group (or special) to the order, which the cashier chooses from a list.
Add Non-Inventory to order (fixed) Adds a non-inventory item to the order. This item is configured with the button. The description, cost, and taxes that apply are saved with the button.
Add Non-Inventory to order (open) Adds a non-inventory item to the order. The cashier gets to type in the description, set the cost and sales taxable.
Type Delivery (w/customer prompt) Prompts for a customer, and then sets the type to Delivery if the customer who was chosen is within the allowed delivery area.
Type Carryout (w/customer prompt) Prompts for a customer, and sets the order type to carryout.
Type Carryout (no customer / walk-in) Sets the type to carryout, and clears any customer information to walk-in or no customer. You can optionally pre-assign a default customer name with the button using this function as well.
Type Dine-In (w/customer prompt) Prompts for a customer, and sets the order type to dine in.
Type Dine-In (no customer / walk-in) Sets the type to dine in, and clears any customer information to walk-in or no customer. You can optionally pre-assign a default customer name with the button using this function as well. For dine-in orders you could also put a table name or number in this field too.
Type Carryout (no customer change) Sets the type to carryout, does not change current customer selection (if any).
Type Dine-In (no customer change) Sets the type to dine in, does not change current customer selection (if any).
Select Customer Selects a customer and assigns them to the current order. The order-type is not changed, unless the type is delivery and the selected customer is outside of the designated delivery area.
Clear Customer - set to walk-in Removes customer info from the current order and sets it to a walk-in type. If the order type is delivery, the type will be changed to unselected. Carryout and Dine-in types will not be changed.
Current Customer Information Shows information about the currently loaded customer, and allows you to view and duplicate any order from their past order history. Duplicate order only works if no items are on the current order.
Submit Current Order Saves the current order to the database, prints receipts, and sends items to make-lines. A new empty order is created immediately afterward.
Settle Order Shows a list of orders where payment has not yet been received allowing the cashier to choose an order to settle. Settling an order does not effect the currently loaded order. You can work on one order, settle another, and then continue working on your original order.
Void Order Shows a list of orders that the current cashier has rights to void. You can void an order without effecting your currently loaded order. You can work on one order, void another, and then continue working on your original order.
Edit/Load Order Shows a list of orders that the current cashier has rights to edit. Will replace any current order that is being worked on. This function will warn the user of this, and prompt whether or not to continue loading.
Account Payment to Order Allows the customer to make a payment on his or her tab or in-house account. Adds a payment to the current order.
Purchase Gift Card Adds a gift card purchase to the order, and activates the gift card after the sale (if applicable).
Activate Gift Card If activation after payment failed, then use this function to activate the card after payment has been settled.
Gift Card Info View information about a specific gift card (balance, expiration).
Issue Customer Credit Issue a credit to a customer.
Paid Out Use for paid out or paid in on the current drawer.
Open Drawer Opens the cash drawer (No Sale).
Print Receipt Reprint a receipt from a previous order.
Credit Card Functions Allows adding a tip, or reprinting credit card slip when using an integrated card processing module.
Quick Reports Displays configured quick reports according to Cashier's rights.
Open Shift Opens the current station's shift.
Close Shift Closes the current station's shift.
Edit Current Customer Launches the customer editor for the currently loaded customer.
Show Map Show a map from the store's location to the customer's location. Works only when a customer with proper address info is loaded.
Launch App / Open Web page Launches any external application or goes to a website.
Launch Management Utility Launches the POS Pizza Management Tool.
Launch Driver Dispatch Launches the Driver Dispatch Module in CS versions
Assign Driver Assigns a delivery driver to a currently saved order. This is not needed if you use the driver dispatch console in the CS version.
Delivery Stats Shows all information about delivery orders in-store, and out for delivery including the drivers who are delivering them, time out, and order content. This only works for people who are using the driver dispatch module, and is not available in the [SA] version.
Type Delivery (if able same cust) Changes the current order to a delivery order provided that a) a customer account is loaded and b) that customer is located within the currently configured delivery area.
Type Delivery (Intelligent) Changes the current order to a delivery. If no customer is currently assigned, then you will be prompted for a customer. If the current customer has incomplete address info or is outside of the currently defined delivery area, then you will be prompted to edit the customer to update this, or the order-type will revert back to what it was beforehand.
Discount / Surcharge to Order Adds a discount or a surcharge to the entire order. Positive values are treated as a discount, and negative values are treated as a surcharge. Discounts will be applied to all items that are not restricted from being discounted. Surcharges will apply to all items on the order.
Discount Last Item (if able) Add a discount to the last item added to the order. This only works if the last item on the order does not have a negative price (another discount or coupon), and if the last item is not restricted from having discounts applied.
Toggle Delivery Address Toggle between customer's primary and alternate address for delivery orders.
Edit Alternate Delivery Address Allows any cashier to edit the customer's alternate address, and then selects this address (if it is within the designated delivery area) for the delivery address on delivery orders.

Screen Shots

Below are some sample screen shots from some layouts that we have either created in-house or have made available via templates which can be found in our free Premium POS Profile Tool. Click on any of the images to view a larger version. Use the BACK arrow in your browser to return to this page.

Before user logs in (gray template)

Sample layout

Home screen (gray template)

Modify / Delete Items (gray template)

Beverages (gray template)

Tutorial layout

Sample layout (select customer)

Sample layout

Sample layout

Template thin buttons green (caller ID)

Template thin buttons green (choose size)

Template thin buttons green (tools)

Sample layout

Sample layout

Template thin buttons blue

Sample bar layout

Edit Toppings / Modifiers

Demo Data Gray Utilities Menu

A quick tutorial on building a layout can be found by clicking here. This tutorial guide also gets installed with POS Pizza whenever the install documentation AND install Premium POS Module options are chosen in the installer.


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