Hard Disk Scrubber


Summit's Hard Disk Scrubber is a Free secure delete program designed to help you permanently destroy sensitive data from your PC. Use Hard Disk Scrubber to overwrite free space on your Windows drives, or to permanently delete files so that they can no longer be recoverred.

Scrubber Parts

There are 2 basic parts to the Hard Disk Scrubber. The first is the Hard Disk Free Space Scrubbing option, and the second is File Scrubbing (or File Shredding).

When you scrub a hard disks free space you overwrite unused space that may have been previously in use by other files. Files that you deleted using the recycle bin, or through Windows can easily be recovered or undeleted using the proper utilities. The hard disk scrubber will ensure that these utilities can no longer restore files that were previously deleted on your system.

File scrubbing is a way to securely delete existing files on your computer. If you have files that you want to delete permanently then you can use this utility to get rid of the files so that they can no longer be accessed. Using this utility will ensure that undelete utilities cannot access the data that was deleted using this program.

File scrubbing can be used during your every day deleting of sensitive documents and files, while disk scrubbing can be used less often. You may scrub the disk if you used other means of deleting sensitive files.

If you are getting rid of your computer you should scrub the free space. Even if you have formatted the drive and re-installed the OS, old data can still be recovered!! Make sure that you overwrite your free space before getting rid of any computer, otherwise you leave yourself open to identity theft and other problems resulting from your old data winding up in the hands of an unauthorized party.

Scrub Types

The Hard Disk Scrubber v3 offers new scrub types in addition to Normal, and Heavy that were found in earlier versions of the software. A description of each of these types follows. Each "Scrub Type" is a collection of "Scrub Patterns". The Hard Disk Scrubber offers 6 different scrub patterns in all. Each pattern is a 512K block of bit data. This data is what is used to overwrite the private data that you are permanently destroying.

Scrub Patterns
All ZerosThis pattern is a block of all binary 0's
All OnesThis pattern is a block of all binary 1's
RandomThis pattern is a randomly generated block
Checkerboard Beginning with ZeroThis is a 01010101 block pattern
Checkerboard Beginning with OneThis is a 10101010 block pattern
User StringThis is a block comprised of a repeated user defined string
Verify (Read)Will read the previously written pattern to verify it

The above patterns are then arranged into passes to create the different Scrub Types. The Scrub Types are defined below.

Scrub Types
NormalSingle Pass using Random Pattern
HeavyThree passes, using Zeros, then Ones, then Random
SuperFive passes, using Zeros, Ones, Checkerboard Beginning with Zero, Checkerboard Beginning with One, then Random
UltraDoD prescribed - overwrite, overwrite with 1's compliment, overwrite random, verify. These 4 steps repeated 3 times.
CustomUser-definable Scrub Type. Any patterns in any order for as many passes as needed.

Advanced Features

With Hard Disk Scrubber v3 you can create your own complex Scrub Types simply by using the integrated custom pattern editor and creating your own scrub sequences, using any of the above mentioned Scrub Patterns, as many times, and in any order needed. You can also modify the User String used with the 6th pattern.

System Requirements

Operating System:

  • Windows 2000 SP2 or greater*
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server or greater
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

*Earlier versions of Windows (incl. Windows 95,98, & ME) must use v2.1 of the Hard Disk Scrubber.

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