Caller ID Tracker


This is a stand-alone Caller ID product. If you are looking for Caller ID for POS Pizza click here.

Summit's Caller ID Tracker is a network ready call monitoring system. This system will show caller ID information on multiple desktops for all lines being monitored as well as create logs of both inbound and outbound calls. This system uses's Whozz Calling and Whozz Calling Lite units to gather information from a single unit and distribute it across your network. The Caller ID Tracker system also works on a stand-alone system.

Caller ID Info

Whenever a new call comes into your location, the Call monitor can pop open a window on your desktop and make an audible ring sound as well. You can also choose to manually leave this window open or closed and open or close it yourself as needed.

You can also optionally block certain numbers from showing in this window whenever they call your location. Caller ID Tracker's call monitoring section is fully configurable.

The Call Monitoring can be run on as many stations in your network as needed all at one time or it can be run on a single stand-alone PC.

Call Tracking

The Caller ID Tracker will also log any calls that you tell it to. It can log both inbound and *outbound calls made to and from your location. From these logs you can view several different types of call data reports. You can view inbound calls, outbound calls, calls by telephone number, or a call statistics report. Each report can be set to cover a starting time and date range as well as the ability to exclude/include certain days of the week.

Like the call info window, you can tell the Call Logging section of Caller ID Tracker to skip logging of calls to and from certain numbers as well as omitting the logging of OUT-OF-AREA, PRIVATE, or UNKNOWN callers.

*Outbound Call data requires the use of a Whozz Calling unit and not the Whozz Calling Lite unit.


The Caller ID Tracker can be used for many different purposes including home users who simply want to track their calls. Businesses have the most to gain from using this system. Call information logged with each call includes the number of rings before the call was answered (inbound only), call duration, line number, caller's name, caller's telephone number, extra digits dialed (outbound only), and the time and date that the call was placed / received. This data is collected for each call and can be used to create the reports above. The call statistics report is nice because it breaks down each business day on a chart by the hour and the day of the week, and shows your call minutes, and numbers for each period. This can be useful for helping you determine if you need more telephone lines or presently have too many. This software gathers information about your telephone usage. Information is power! Organizations who would find this useful would include.

  • Government Offices
  • Law Enforcement
  • Schools
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Doctors Offices
  • Law Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Answering Services
  • Telemarketing
  • Most any business with a need to track calls

Are your employees using the phone too much for personal calls? Are your phones getting answered on time, or is it taking too long? Is a complaining customer claiming that he/she called you at a certain time/date or numerous times, when you believe this not to be true? You can answer all of these questions and more when you are running the Caller ID Tracker with a Whozz Calling unit from

This software only costs $49 and can be run for 30 days completely risk free. Download your copy today by going to our downloads page.

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