POS Pizza - Blizzfull FREE Online Ordering Integration

Summit Computer Networks, and Blizzfull have partnered to bring you an online ordering solution that is extremely easy to setup and easy to use. This integration is unique in that it does NOT require that you run a local webserver, need a static IP, or have to deal with setting up port-forwards, or managing security certificates. This makes running this integration not only much easier, but less expensive since you don't need to maintain a static IP from your internet service provider.

Instead of a percentage or a monthly fee, your customers will pay a small $2 convenience fee for ordering online. This makes the basic online ordering service free to your restaurant.

Unique to this integration is that it is compatible with the [LT] and [SA] versions of POS Pizza! Of course it is also fully compatible with the [CS] version too. Other online ordering methods require the use of the Online Ordering Server package which is ONLY compatible with the [CS] version. This version uses a small application that is installed on one PC in your store (for [LT] and [SA] it is installed on the same PC as the POS). The application runs in the background of Windows and regularly goes out to the Blizzfull servers and checks for new orders. When new orders are found, they are inserted into the POS Pizza database, and then printed. If you are running the [CS] version, items will also be sent to the make-lines.

Blizzfull also supports future orders. All versions of POS Pizza ([LT], [SA], and [CS]) will print a note on future orders as soon as they are received, showing the requested time for the order. With the [SA] and [CS] versions, you can also optionally have the POS hold and fire future orders just prior to when they are needed. The amount of time prior is adjustable for delivery orders, and all other orders independently.

With the POS Pizza - Blizzfull online ordering integration, you can easily upload your menus with only a few mouse-clicks, making synching your menus hassle-free.

Give our Blizzfull / POS Pizza DEMO Site a try, to see what the customer's experience is like.

Blizzfull also offers these additional services (see below for details):

  • Fully branded online ordering system (Logo, Colors, Fonts)
  • Web/Mobile Online Ordering for Customers
  • Option to deliver your orders using our integration with Postmates Partner Program
  • Loyalty Points Program and Coupons included
  • Industry-leading Local Search Engine Optimization for your online menu

Using the included Blizzfull Dashboard:

  • Get your orders as soon as they come in
  • Issue refunds/Adjust orders in real time
  • See a list of your online customers and download all of your customer contact info. New customers are also added to your POS Pizza database with their order.
  • Manage your loyalty points system and campaigns
  • Manage your website (If you sign up for a Blizzfull website)
  • Create coupons to drive more orders
  • Get sales reports


Optional Services

Blizzfull offers optional services that compliment your online ordering and are great benefits to your business.

1 - Doordash Delivery Integration

Blizzfull is using Door Dash as a courier service. You now have the ability to receive delivery orders without having to go through the hassle of hiring your own delivery drivers. By providing your customers with the option of delivery directly through you, you will be able to save even more money!


  • How will I be saving money?
  • Great question! Normally when you work with a courier service you have to pay commission costs plus a delivery fee. By using Blizzfull as a sort of a middle man, you will be cutting out those commission costs! All that needs to be paid is a delivery fee.

  • How much is the delivery fee?
  • The delivery fee has a base of $6.75 + $1.00/mile ($8.75 + $1.00/mile - California). Don’t worry, there are ways that we can control this fee. There are three ways this fee can be paid.

    1. You can have the restaurant pay the fee in full. By doing this you are giving your customers free delivery.
    2. We can split the fee between the restaurant and the customer. We recommend choosing this option. It keeps the fee low for the restaurant and their customer and gives them the incentive to continue ordering directly through you!
    3. The customer pays the delivery fee. This means no costs for the restaurant!

  • What is the workflow?
  • Once a customer places an order for delivery you will receive a notification asking you to confirm. You will then have the option of using the defaulted Postmates driver or one of your own drivers. After a driver has confirmed you will be able to see who will be performing the delivery as well as track how long it will take for them to get there. For future orders, a driver will be confirmed closer to the time of the actual delivery. For example, if a customer places an order to be delivered the next day at 12:30, your Postmates driver will not be confirmed until 11:45. This is not an exact science so please be patient! When your driver arrives, we recommend having them sign for the order so that they are accountable. Unfortunately, there have been times where drivers have stolen an order or part of an order. This is a risk that comes with working with a delivery service.

2 - Website Design

Premium Website
$399 up-front + $29/month hosting and listing management.

Noho Pizza Man ~ Hello Pizza ~ Ping Pong Chinese ~ Albasch Chicken ~ Bamboo Cafe


  • Beautiful Video Backdrops (optional)
  • Free domain name included
  • ADA Compliant Website
  • Local listing management included (Google Business Listing)
  • We will design your website to match your brand
  • Your website is always up to date with your Blizzfull menu
  • Managed SEO (Search engine optimization) tailored specifically around your restaurant.
  • Fully customizable directly through your dashboard
  • Mobile-optimized
  • CDN Hosted, very fast load times.

3 - Mobile App

Branded Mobile App
$399 up-front and $29.99 ongoing monthly fee.

Our apps are designed to make ordering even more simple and convenient for your customers making your restaurant even more their food place of choice.

  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Keeps you logged in
  • Apple Login (Facial and Fingerprint support)
  • Faster ordering for customers
  • More brand coverage
  • Google and iOS app store

4 - Digital Marketing Program

$99 per month.

Includes weekly Emails, and 2 text campaigns per month 1k texts.
Each additional 500 texts per month comes at $50 per month.
*Higher volumes can be discussed separately.*

Targeting your customer base using behavioral parameters, we can market to them directly, enhancing click and conversion rates. Our marketing is also topical, so tailored texts and emails around things like sporting events, holidays, and any other circumstances that may affect customer behavior. Specifically target the customers and market to them using email, text and push notifications (requires app).

  • 4 Emails per month to customer list (once a week)
  • 2 Texts per month to 500 customers (this is so that we don't overwhelm your customer base)
  • 4 Push Notifications per month to an unlimited number of people
  • Texts: Rotates through the entire list automatically each campaign, limit 2 campaigns per month.
  • Emails: 2,500 emails per campaign, limit 1 campaign per week. System automatically rotates through the entire list each campaign.

$40 per restaurant - Price break at volume.


Getting Started

  1. Get signed up, call Summit Sales at 866-922-9690 or 724-243-1200. A basic online ordering setup will not cost you anything. Blizzfull does offer additional services which are a great value and addition to your online ordering service.
  2. Download the integration app. This app seamlessly integrates the Blizzfull Online Ordering service to POS Pizza. Orders will be printed, sent to make-lines, and customer data added and maintained exactly as if you had input the order from your POS station.